We regret to announce that our Online Shop is now closed following the closure of our Winchester Shop in August 2016.

We had great fun running our shop – finding some of the most interesting toys to stock, encouraging customers (adults and children alike) to 'have a go' with the toys, meeting lots of interesting people (customers, suppliers and employees)...

But in the end we had to give in to the constantly rising costs in retail, combined with the lack of parking in Winchester and the cut-throat competition of the internet, where only the lowest price will deliver a sale. We could have stayed open online but, in the end, all you are doing is the soulless packing of boxes without the interaction with customers. There are better things to do.

We were the biggest independent by a long way for one of our major suppliers and the second largest for another. But Winchester no longer had the footfall to have given us the volume to survive given how little profit there now is in each sale.

A big thanks to all those who supported us, who bought from us and who worked with us over the years.

We learned a lot during Childhood's Dream's 8 years – and are looking forward to putting some of it into practice for future projects!